Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) – Tom Six (2010)

WARNING: If you dislike being completely revolted, stop reading now!

This film has been hailed as the most revolting movie ever made. Aside from that, when I checked out the trailer, it looked appropriately creepy, appalling and all that good stuff. But promises like “goriest ever” or “bloodiest ever” have been made before, so naturally, I was skeptical. I was not expecting “The Human Centipede” to be the grossest movie I had ever seen.

I was wrong.

The reputation “The Human Centipede” has made for itself is well deserved.

A big part of the film’s impact was the horrifying revelations regarding the details of this “experiment.” So, if you’re planning to see this, proceed with caution. I might spoil something here for you.

As “Centipede” starts, we’re introduced to two American girls travelling across Europe. It’s a familiar enough horror movie setup. Of course, the girls get a flat tire on their way to a party.

Now, let the good times begin.

Predictably, the girls can’t get a cell phone signal. So they have no choice but to venture out in search of help. Hooray! They find a house!

They knock on the door and meet the creepiest man alive.
Six makes a wise decision at this point of the film and gets right to the nastiness. Normally in a film like this, there would be a drawn-out scene where the homeowner is pleasant and charming and the girls feel safe before the shock of having him turn out to be a sadistic weirdo.

Not so with Dr. Heiter. He makes a quick, fake phone call and then it’s straight to drinks with the date-rape drug. He’s yelling at them, calling them cows before they’re even unconscious. He’s malicious from the moment we set eyes on him and this departure from formula is very jolting.

Of course, if you’ve seen the preview, you know the girls are going to come-to in a hellish medical lab-looking room.

And Dr. Heiter explains the procedure in horrible detail. His goal is to have three humans share one digestive track.

I’ll just let that sink in.

That’s right. We’re going to graft mouth-to-anus, having the person in front eating, passing through the unfortunate soul chosen to be the middle piece (retch!) and then out whoever’s bringing up the rear.

I made the mistake of fixing myself lunch and then sitting down to watch this movie while I ate. This is the first film that has actually made me physically sick to my stomach. About a third of the way through my spaghetti, I was just done.

The most disgusting and hilarious scene (I’m not ashamed to say that this movie made me laugh out loud) starts as Dr. Heiter is taking his human centipede outside for a walk. The dude at the front stops suddenly, turns around and starts begging for the person behind him to forgive him. Before I could say to myself, “Oh God, no!” the doctor is shouting, “Yes! Feed her!” maniacally.

It was so sickening, but I could not stop laughing.

Suffice it to say that if you have the sense of humor for it and can handle the insanely, unbelievably nauseating, “The Human Centipede” will not disappoint you.

“Feed her!”


  1. I loved it. It truly scars the memory, in a good way.

  2. that's a good analysis thank you. Am watching the movie right now.