Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kansas City filmmaker screens new film -

“Numb” is the fifth in a series of short, experimental horror films from Kansas City filmmaker John Barnes. It’s the final chapter of the first volume of the “OV” film series. “Numb” is based on a man who has lost all emotion. He has a beautiful wife and child, but has no feelings and will go to any length just to experience an emotional sensation again.

The short film screened June 2 after the IFC meeting at the Westport Coffee House Theater at 4010 Pennsylvania in Westport. “Numb” will be followed by a screening of filmmaker Jerry White’s “0:22:43.”

John Barnes is a Kansas City native who has been making independent films since 2000. He says the pool of talent in Kansas City is surprisingly endless and sadly untapped.

And when it came to making his dark shorts, the network of filmmakers he has come to rely on is essential. That’s why he has called his production company “Drei Productions.” “Drei” meaning “three” in German. “’Drei Productions’ because it always takes more than one person,” Barnes explains. “You gotta have three or more people to make a short film.”

When I asked him what to expect from the screening of “Numb,” John said, “It’s very dark. It’s based on people that have hidden emotions that come out in extreme, most of the time violent ways.”

Watching "Numb" reminded how good of an artist John was in high school. His eye is brilliant.

After the screening at the IFC meeting, it’s off to other film festivals. There’s the KC Fringe Festival that runs July 23rd through August 1st. The Fringe Fest features art from different mediums and is new to hosting films.