Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Academy, Obvious Does Not Equal Good

Hey guys. By guys, I mean the Academy. And I know only like two of you are reading this and you already know what I think, but I'm going to pretend my opinion matters anyway.

We all knew Melissa Leo was going to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, but just because it was inevitable doesn't make it right.

I get tired of pointing it out, but I have to say it again: the most obvious performance isn't always the best one.

I'm sure Alice Ward was a shrill woman in her prime and Leo gave a shrill, bad, unwatchable performance.

"The Fighter" is a very good film and Leo's performance is the weak link that pulls it down and keeps it from being great.

But it does reach out and grab you by your eyebrows and make you pay attention to her and apparently, that's what the Academy deems "good."

Amy Adams was nominated for playing Micky's girlfriend, Charlene who had some of the same tough-as-nails qualities as Alice.

Yet her performance, even as she brawled with her future sisters-in-law on her front porch, was subdued and lovely.

I know I'm late in my criticism of the Awards, but I've been sick this past week and a half, so you'll excuse me. This is only one of the Academy's bone-headed moves, so more posts are forthcoming.

Please, hold your breath.

I command you.

Hold it.

That's better.

And just as an afterthought, how many of the voters saw "Animal Kingdom?"

Jackie Weaver was nominated, so a good chunk of the actors at least did, but you have to wonder, how in the world could they ignore that syrupy sweet demonic Smurf?

That woman is still giving me nightmares.

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