Friday, August 3, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson (2012)

"Moonrise Kingdom" is a love story between two tween misfits and it may well be Wes Anderson's masterpiece. 

The story starts with a boy named Sam's escape from camp. He's a scout nobody seems to like.
Sam meets up with his girlfriend, Suzy, whom he's gotten to know primarily through letters. She is fleeing parents whose idea of family communication is certifiably disjointed.

The entire community goes hunting for the young runaways and that's the story in a nutshell.
But as with all of Anderson's work, the plot is more or less incidental.
The quirky characters are the focus of the film.

Ed Norton plays a strict, loving and clueless scout leader who loses a camper.
Tilda Swinton plays a villain who swoops in, going only by the name "Social Services."
And Bill Murray and Frances McDormand stand out as Suzy's maddening parents whose communication problems most likely precipitated their daughter's exodus.
Anderson's point, of course, is that we're all odd ducks.

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