Sunday, November 21, 2010

David Yates Talks About "Deathly Hallows:" the Second Interview

Okay, in the first interview, we heard Yates talk about Rupert Grint's performance, Hermione's character coming into her own and the animated sequence that told the story of the three brothers and the Deathly Hallows.

Yates also talked about the dance scene between Harry & Hermione. This scene is small, but it's important and wonderful.

It gets so much across. There's so much relief and camaraderie as the two friends forget their troubles and dance together.

But Yates doesn't cut out like most directors would. We see the end of the scene as it would happen in real life.

The dance fades and the moment is slowly lost and the two are pulled slowly back into reality and into their struggle.

It is a perfect scene and if I might say so, Yates chose a perfect song with Nick Cave & the Bad Seed's "O Children."
When Cave talks of singing and rejoicing, there is a bitterness and a cynicism that goes along with his sorrowful hope.
It's the perfect match for what these characters are going through.

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